Welcome to pyexiv2's homepage!

pyexiv2 is a Python binding to exiv2, the C++ library for manipulation of EXIF, IPTC and XMP image metadata.

It is a python module that allows your python scripts to read and write metadata (EXIF, IPTC, XMP, thumbnails) embedded in image files (JPEG, TIFF, ...).

It is designed as a high-level interface to the functionalities offered by libexiv2. Using python's built-in data types and standard modules, it provides easy manipulation of image metadata.

pyexiv2 is distributed under the GPL version 2 license.

The latest version is 0.3.2, released 2011-10-24, compiled and tested against libexiv2 0.19, 0.20, 0.21, 0.21.1 and 0.22. It requires Python ≥ 2.6.

Deprecation warning

pyexiv2 is now deprecated in favour of GExiv2, a GObject-based wrapper around libexiv2. Thanks to GObject Introspection support, GExiv2 supports Python 2 and 3.

If your application uses pyexiv2, you might want to consider porting it over to GExiv2.

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